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Below is the list of instruments directly managed by MAPLES. Click on the instrument tile for information on our using and consumable fees, instrument specifications, instrument manuals and standard operating manuals (SOPs).

Academic Users

Academic members (from CEGEPs, universities and not-for-profit research institutes) have access to MAPLES infrastructure after a training session on the desired instrument(s). Eric Dionne is in charge of organizing the training sessions and can be contacted directly. For training session details, click here.

Industrial  Users

Laboratories or research divisions part of for-profit corporations and businesses can benefit from our infrastructure as well. Your samples can be submitted to Eric Dionne. Details on how to submit your samples are available here.

NOTE : The MAPLES instruments who appear on the Home page but are absent from this list, are operated by personnel from other service platforms. Eric can also receive your questions regarding those instruments.

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