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Learn to Use our Instruments

Interns, graduate students and research associates from academic laboratories and not-for-profit research institutes can request training on most MAPLES instruments shown here.


Training sessions are planned on an as-soon-as-possible basis with the MAPLES operator. The requester will have access to the standard operating manual (SOP) prior the training session. Samples must be brought since they will be used for the training session.

Typical Training Steps 


The first part of training consists of a short review of the theory principles behind the technique. Then, with the help of the SOP, a complete review of the operational steps is done. A first run is done, on a sample brought by the requester,  with the assistance of the MAPLES operator. The requester follows with another sample under the operator supervision.

The MAPLES operator continues the training session until the requester knows completely how to operate the instrument. 

When the MAPLES operator is satisfied about the user's skills on the instrument, then the requester is asked to set her/his profile on to the MAPLES booking interface and is considered as a MAPLES user.

Only completely trained users can book time and work unsupervised on an instrument.

Planning of Your Training Session

Below is the typical training time session needed on each MAPLES instrument. The training fee for available instruments is set at 60.00$ /hr.


Hyphenated TGA-IR-GC/MS System

TGA 8000

DSC 6000



Imaging ellipsometer

Microwave plasma atomic emission spectroscopy

Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter Analyser

Typical Training Period / hr

4 - 6






Available upon request 

Not available for training

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