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Submit Your Samples to MAPLES

It is possible to request the services of a MAPLES operator to conduct the characterization of your samples. You simply need to submit your samples to MAPLES along with the analyzes details by filling the appropriate worksheet (see below).


Make sure that the names on the worksheet match the name on your submitted samples. The worksheets need to be sent to MAPLES by email.

Two Methods for your Sample Submission
Come visit us :

Your samples can be brought at the Science Complex (MIL) campus (Université de Montréal). Contact Eric Dionne to book your visit.

Direct shipping :

For service requesters outside the Greater Montreal area, you can ship your samples by mail or by courier at the following address:

Eric Dionne

Université de Montréal - Campus MIL

1375 Avenue Thérèse-Lavoie-Roux, Rm. B-6203

Outremont, Québec

H2V 0B3

Instrument-Specific Instructions
All worksheets contain fillable fields. Download the worksheet on your computer before filling it.
Hyphenated TGA-IR-GC/MS System

  • Sample Size : Provide 10 - 20 mg of each sample.

  • Data treatement : In the submitted report, the TGA data will be converted in Excel files. Images of the  GC chromatograms and mass spectra in addition to the NIST library search results will be included as well.

  • Sample Size : Provide 10 - 20 mg of each sample.

  • Data treatement :  TGA data will be converted in Excel files and submitted electronically to the service requester.

Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry Analyser

  • Samples Identification: Each sample needs his worksheet. Please fill section 1 of all worksheets and send them by email. The identification details will be used to prepare the report. The name on your submitted samples must match the sample name on the worksheets.

  • Sample Size : 

    • Powdered and granular samples: provide 1 - 2 g of material.

    • Thin and sheet like samples: cut your sample in 1 × 1 cm pieces. Provide 1 - 2 g of material.

    • Formed solids and chunks: The 15 cc bulb penetrometer is required for these types of samples. (Maximum size: 15 mm × 15 mm × 15 mm).

  • Data treatment :  Examples of report  in PDF and Excel format.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

  • Sample Size : ​Provide 5 - 10 mg for each sample. 

  • Data treatment : DSC files will be converted in Excel files. Experimental data can be analyzed to determine thermal properties of the samples. Pyris offers the following calculation options: Tg, Peak area, Peak onset, Response ratio and Step transition. 

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