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Thermogravimetric Analyser

TGA 8000, PerkinElmer


Hourly Rates
/ Academic clients

Hourly Rate
/ Industrial clients 

  • Trained users : 15.00$

  • Characterizations done by a MAPLES operator : 80.00$

  • Training : 60.00$

  • Characterizations done by a MAPLES operator : 80.00$

High-Temperature Surcharge:

The TGA8000 has a very sensitive but relatively fragile thermocouple  (part number : N5320150). Users wishing to end their thermal method at a temperature above 600°C will be charged a high-temperature fee.  

Academic users : $40/sample
Industrial users : $80/sample

Consumable Fees:

TGA alumina crucible: 35.00$ each

Airtight (Accupik) aluminum pan: 4.00$ each

Available purge gases:
  • Nitrogen is the default furnace (sample purge) and balance module (balance purge) purge gas.

  • Argon and air (ambient or pressurized) are also available for the sample purge.

  • Symmetrical purging (balance and sample purges to be the same) is also available with argon. A surcharge of 60$ will be applied for a symmetrical purging of the TGA. 

Rates and fees  effective January 17, 2023 and are subject to change without notice.

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